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Just an EXTRAordinary Girl…. November 16, 2010

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Good ‘ol Webster’s definition of Extraordinary ~ going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary.

When I think of my life since WLS I think this is a good word to describe it. I mean NOTHING about this life is usual, regular, or customary! But wait…I am getting ahead of myself and need to back up and give you background into my decision to become an EXTRAordinary girl.

In my Adolescence I never really struggled with my weight, it did not become an issue until I got pregnant with my Daughter Mekayla and “Blossomed” into a person I didn’t know. I packed on 70 pounds during the pregnancy and it stuck to me like glue from there on out. In fact it invited some friends along to come and hang out too! That was one of the happiest times in my life and also one of the saddest as well. Here I was a Mother at 20 yrs. old and forced to grow up QUICKLY….gosh how I wished she would have come with an instruction packet!…and also rejected at the same time and found myself to be a 20 yr old SINGLE Mother! This along with other things in my life sent me spiraling out of control and finding comfort in food. I have to say that looking back on that chapter in my life, it was very short lived because when Mekayla was 2 yrs old this Angel came into our lives….His name is Edwin and Daddy. He came into my mess of a life and cleaned it up without a second thought. He saw me for who I was on the inside NOT the outward apperance that everybody stared at all the time with their noses turned up! We got married when Mekayla was 5 yrs. old and I was almost at my heaviest. I continued to pack on the pounds but this time it was different….It was because I was happy and had someone that loved me for me (and the dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts I would pound EVERY weekend!) We were married for a year and then started trying to have another child…well there wasn’t much trying we got it on the 2nd try ;-)…so with my son Mario’s pregnancy came MORE weight on top of the “baby weight” from my *Baby* that was now 7 yrs. old. Now we have offically entered the time I got to be the HEAVIEST I ever was, weighing in at a whopping 270 pounds.

Several years went by…along with ALOT of pictures with me BEHIND the camera….that I continued existing and not living. I developed High Blood Pressure, was Pre Diabetic, Depression/Anxiety, Restless Leg Syndrome from lack of sleep, Obstructed Sleep Apnea, Acid Reflux, and Joint and Back Pain…**obviously all of these Co-Morbidities did not just fall into my lap all at once, they started in my 20’s, it seemed I would get a new one every year for my Birthday!** I was taking a handfull of pills a day just to stay “vertical”. I *knew* that if I didn’t do something about my weight I was literally going to die at the grasp of one of my Co-Morbidities and/or obesity. However with all of this said, I was not in the right mindset to succeed at having WLS. I continued to sabatoge my self esteem and health with a very UNhealthy bond with food.

I had to be ready mentally to take on WLS and I wasn’t until I had a “wake up call” from my Husband one day. He looked at me genuinely concerned for me and my health and said “If you don’t do something about your weight, I feel that I am going to be raising our kids on my own.”…..WOW….THAT slapped me across the face real hard and WOKE ME UP! Right then I realized that I was being selfish and not giving my family the wife and mother they so much deserved. THAT is when I made the choice to go to a WLS Seminar at the Hospital (the very same one that I speak at once a month with my surgeon….funny how that happens when you are COMMITTED to doing the right thing) in August of 2008 and started my Pre Op process in September 2008 and had surgery January 2009….I HAVEN’T LOOKED BACK SINCE THAT DAY!!!

In future blogs I will talk about the WHAT’S AND HOW’S I have been successful with my tool…I have to save something for later….I have to keep telling myself that because I tend to be long winded can’t cha tell 😉

This is my story in a TINY nutshell. More will be revealed in the future. Thanks so much for walkin’ this road with me. We will skip and dance sometimes, sometimes we will have to hurdle pot holes, and sometimes we may fall in those pot holes but we will always have each other to lend a hand to. I thank you so much for your friendship and for believing in me when at times I struggle with believing in myself….I’ll get into that later too!….OK! enough already I am giving away all my future stuff! Before I go I want to leave some “Food for Thought” that I live by and helps me through my journey and I hope you can find comfort in it too.

“Remember that WLS is merely a tool. It works however YOU use it.”

“Obesity is a disease that each one of has. HOWEVER YOU can chose to feed that disease or chose to take your life and health back from the disease.”

“What I thought was Freedom with food was actually bondage…..THIS is Freedom!”

Well this concludes my very FIRST post, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Finish Well,



12 Responses to “Just an EXTRAordinary Girl….”

  1. Christie Says:

    So proud of you Emily !!

  2. Thanks Christie!! I am super excited! Thanks for your support as always!

  3. Rhonda Says:

    Looking forward to more!

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging, EXTRAordinary Emily 🙂 This was a wonderful post, and I feel like I have walked your journey with you. Well…in a sense, I have, but only because I’ve made the same journey myself! I am so happy you finally joined the online world so you can impart your wisdom, kindness, joy and yes, humor to so many of us who hunger for it. Remember: we are starving for more positivity in this community. Keep up the great work, and I’ll be sure to keep reading (don’tcha know?) Muah! :-*

    • Cari, thanks for the support! I thought it would be hard but I sit down and realize I have soooo much to say. I can’t wait to get the apperance just the way I want it! I am a techy-challenged person so pretty much all I know how do on here is write which I think is a *little* important and all that really matters right?!?! Thanks for YOUR wisdom, it inspires me!

  5. Christie S Says:

    I feel I have read your story somewhere before, I remember reading your wake up call moment. At any rate, a huge congratulations to you. 🙂 Look forward to reading your blog.

  6. Barb Says:

    Great Blog Emily! Looking forward to many more to come! You are an inspiratrion to all of us!

  7. abhi Says:

    Superb Emmi. i want to see ur past pics and now real pics.

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