Weight Lost, Hope Gained…by Emily

Sharing the Hope found after WLS!

Emily’s Bio November 16, 2010

Emily Gomez is a caring and compassionate leader in the Bariatric Community devoting numerous hours to the support and education for those thinking about or those that have had Weight Loss Surgery. Being a patient herself, she wants nothing more then for others to have optimal success in their journey just as she has. She has a zest for life and raising awareness about Childhood Obesity and it’s affects on our children as well as being a staunch supporter of advocacy against Obesity and those affected by the disease.

Emily is very active in online support and at her local support group where she frequently co-facilitates as a guest speaker. She holds a place on the Bariatric Care Counsel as the Patient Advisor at the Hospital where her surgery was performed. It is of upmost importance to her that the patient voice is heard by the clinicians, as she works deligently with the Hospital and Staff to make sure that the transition from pre-op to post-op is fully beneficial to the patient, their health, and their needs.

Emily speaks monthly with her surgeon at Weight Loss Surgery Seminars, sharing her story with others. She is passionate about helping others make an informed decision regarding their health. She takes great pride in being transparent for those in attendance and answering any and all questions they may have.

Emily is an Oklahoma native, happily married with 2 children, and now resides in Fort Worth, Texas. She enjoys traveling, blogging, and any time spent outdoors with family and friends.


2 Responses to “Emily’s Bio”

  1. Bill Alexander Says:

    What a great start. I never get tired of hearing the success stories, but hearing the before story makes it even more powerful. We do need to see a picture or two of you and your journey.

    • Thanks Bill! There will be more to come about the “Before” lady I was. I am learning and have been told that we need to be nice to our “Before” selves, for they got us to where we are now….enjoying LIFE!

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