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How bad do you want this? July 20, 2011

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So I just got done responding to a comment my Aunt made on a status update over at Facebook and I felt it heavy on my heart to share it here as well. As I wrote to her I felt so empowered. You see, as you read my post to her in minute this is all stuff that I have struggled with alot lately. I have felt powerless over some stuff. There has been so much up and down in my life as of late, I have had some road blocks try to fall in my way, but as I wrote my response to her I felt some bondage to the “messy stuff” break off, I felt in control again. Here it is….

“Aunt Vickie, thanks for your kind words about my “discipline”. I am hear to tell you that it’s not always easy but I will tell you that on those days I can’t find the “willpower” to do the right thing, or when I allow bad habits to creep back up, or when I allow my food addiction to drive while I’m in the back seat, I ask myself….”How bad do you want this?” I have to really evaluate things. Is my “willpower” really lacking? No, I am lacking my “willpower”, it’s there, it’s up to me to use it. Are my bad habits creeping back up going to get me to where I want to go? No, but they will take me back to where I have been and that wasn’t living. Is allowing my food addiction to drive my car with me in the back seat a positive move for me both mentally and physically? No, but it is destructive in nature, sucks the life out of me, and allows me to place blame..shame..and guilt on myself.

Once again, that is the way I lived my life day in and day out until almost 3 years ago when I said enough is enough. I am done with this. So I challenge you to ask yourself the same question…”How bad do you want this?” How bad do you want to be healthy? How bad do you want to feel in control of your life instead of food controlling you? How bad do you want to lock up that food addiction in the trunk of YOUR car and say “You’re not driving this car, you’re not even allowed to sit in the back seat. The only place for you is in the trunk LOCKED UP!” Remember only YOU can make YOUR difference. I can’t do it for you, you have to want it bad enough but I sure have faith in you that YOU CAN DO IT!”

So there you have it. Here lately I haven’t been asking myself “How bad do you want this?” I have let some bad habits creep back up and so has the scale. I have allowed my food addiction to drive MY car here lately but as of RIGHT NOW I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am DONE. I am and always will be a work in progress, I won’t reach the finish line until I am standing at the gates of Heaven. I CAN make a difference in my life and the life of others here and now. Once again, this a part of getting back to the basics of ME. I am posting this not only to hopefully inspire and empower someone else who is struggling right now but for accountability as well. I vow to continue to do my best (flaws and all) for me, my health (mental and physical), and all of you.

Thank you so much for reading. I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT, WE CAN DO IT! Let’s give ourselves all of what we got so we can be all of what we want to be!

Do better to be better!

Finish Well,



Back to the Basics…..ME July 9, 2011

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Oh how I have missed my blog! So much going on and so little time! Let’s see from working full-time and then coming home and “working full-time” on the Mom front some things have fallen by the way side. Yes my priorities in life are my kids, family, then work but they also need to be about ME…just a little…so I can be who I need to be for those that matter to me most.

I haven’t really written since Mekayla was getting out of school for the summer. I thought we would have a quiet summer after the first couple of weeks but we haven’t. She has had the best summer this year I think any kid could ask for. She went to Washington D.C. with my mom the first weekend school was out. She came on Friday and we left the following day for our San Diego family Vacation–which by the way was FABULOUS–more on that in a minute. She has been home for 2 weeks and will be leaving for my Mom’s house in Oklahoma tomorrow for Vacation Bible school for the week. She will come back and be home for 2 weeks and then leave again for Chicago with my Mother in Law! Wheeewww! Makes me tired just typing all of that! Oh, and then she gets home just in time for Cheer Camp the second weekend in August. The child has lived out of a suitcase this summer and LOVED. EVERY. MINUTE. OF. IT. I’m just thankful she got all of these opportunities.

Mario has been busy doing a Kindergarten Readiness Program at his school as he will start Kindergarten in the fall (I just had him yesterday, ya know?;-)) It has been great for him because he has spent so much time with my Mother in Law growing up, the interaction and getting ready for the classroom is really going benefit him. He will be on his to my my Mom’s for Vacation Bible school too and is so excited. Myself and the Hubby are excited for some quiet time as well! 😉

Edwin and I have been hard at work day in and day out. That hasn’t changed. But somethings DID change, the fact that I was putting myself on the back burner these past couple of months. I started reaching for convenience and instead of planning when it came to meals. I started slacking on my excercise. I started avoiding the scale because I wanted to avoid what I knew was happening. I could feel it in my clothes. Some “bounce back” after surgery is normal and I have had NONE in almost 3 years but now it is starting. I’m still well within my window of what I consider my “goal”. In saying that, I will not let it define me, it’s a number on the scale. Period. What WILL define me is my choices and actions, some of those MUST change. They say it takes 2 weeks to break a habit and to some extent I agree with that but there are some habits that rule of thumb does not exist under. Like the habit of settling with less sometimes. We all did it as obese patients and it is hard to not do it now because I still have the same messy brain as I did obese. I have to gently remind myself that I am worth more than I am giving myself now.

I have had to really take a step back and rate things and my quality of life and when I did I realized it has been about Quantity, NOT Quality. I must move away from this. I must practice what I preach when supporting others. I must make myself a PRIORITY. I am sharing some struggles here because of several reason. 1) It is hard to read as I type the truth 2) I am seeking out accountability by making it public 3) And for a plan of action to get back on track. I have way to hard these past 3 years to let anything less than what I deserve enter back into my life.

I will get back to basics. I will get back in tune with my tool. I will get back in the gym. I will get back to blogging and journaling. I will get back to happiness becasue I deserve it. I will get back to making ME a priority.

More to come, I have alot to catch up on here….



The *Smaller* we get, the *Bigger* we grow. What? July 3, 2011

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**I wrote this last month for the website Bariatric Surgery Source. I contribute to them monthly, and just wanted to share on my blog as well. I hope it has some meaning and purpose in your life just as it has mine!**

I remember waking up after surgery determined to NEVER be associated with the word(s) BIG, BIGGER, or BIGGEST ever again. I’m sure you can relate.

Since I lived most of the my life as the BIGGEST person I knew. I was sure I was going to change that, but boy was I WRONG.

WHAT?!? Emily, you have lost 140 pounds and maintained that loss successfully and you are saying that you are BIGGER now then you were before surgery? YES! I am! Let me explain…

I was always sitting around and waiting for life to happen and that only guaranteed me one thing… that I was NOT going to end up with a life I wanted or loved. I sat around and ate, and ate, and ate to the point of ballooning to 270 pounds physically and shrinking to NOTHING inside.

By waiting, I could only react to what life tossed my way and nothing more. The way I did that was to eat and live in denial that I had a problem with food or coming to terms with any of the number of health problems mounted against me.

It’s easy to take a passive approach to life without making chances and I had ZERO drive to ever take a chance. As we all know, taking CHANCES = GROWTH! It’s easy to fall into a rut and do the same things the same way all the time.

That was me, always stagnant never pushing myself or my boundaries. Always eating the same junk and planning my next feast (not meal, FEAST) before I was done with the one I was inhaling. Change and growth are sometimes hard and need A LOT of work, but it’s change that will show all the wonders that life has to offer as you start to GROW.

You can break out of your set ways by taking action, I did by having surgery.

Try doing the same thing a different way. When you go to the store, park far away so you have to walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Jump in with both feet and learn something new. I have learned how to Zumba and want to learn Belly Dancing. I have learned how to Blog, a place where I can share my feelings about weight loss surgery. I have learned how to network and market myself and my new company through social media outlets.

Ask a friend to teach you a skill they’re good at. Is it photography? Is it painting? I have leaned on some of my good friends in the Bariatric Community for support and accountability as well as Techy skills so I can HELP in the community more.

GROW as a person and your world/life GROWS with you.

Action is the only way anything ever gets done. GROWTH happens because YOU take CHANCES! WHATCHA WAITIN FOR, GET OUT THERE AND START LIVING!

“When you stand still, you reject the struggle, and you refuse to change and grow. Ultimately, you reject fulfillment, happiness, the dance for joy and everything else that is eternally good.” ~ Matthew Kelly

Finish Well,

Emily Gomez


Cardboard and Duct Tape May 11, 2011

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I had the distinct pleasure of going to a school function of Mekayla’s…YAY for Monday’s off! It was at the Keller Nataorium and the students (in teams) built boats out of cardboard boxes and raced them. I know what you are thinking because I thought the same thing…when cardboard gets wet it would sink! But, Oh no! These were not just any cardboard box boats, they were COVERED in Duct Tape…..Mekayla’s team used 7 rolls to be exact! The thought process behind this would be that the more Duct Tape you have the less water can enter and they would stay afloat. So the students had worked so hard and tirelessly on this project for months. I remember many a nights Mekayla coming home talking about how tired she was, or the times that she would stay after school to work on the boat with her team members. They were SURE they had the winning boat and paddles (also made of Duct Tape and Cardboard) that would get them to the finish line and crowned the WINNERS.

All the Boats are ready to go! Are the Teams ready?

So I enter the building with the mass cayos of extremely excited children, but not before passing 35 boats, all looking different. Some colorful, some plain, some with writing, some with sports teams logos, some with quotes. In all, they were mere expressions of the many faces that were there to race them. We finally get seated, they get there instructions, and WE ARE OFF TO THE RACES! They were in teams of 4 with 2 of the kids in the boat. They raced 5 boats at a time and if the boat sunk or they didn’t come in 1st place they were out of the competition. Needless to say, there was some STIFF competition! Mekayla and her team came in 2nd but did not sink, I was so proud of them and they were pretty proud of their cardboard concoction that they named “Neon Zebras”. It was their creation from all of their hard work and dedication over the months.

Mekayla and her co-pilot bringing in "Neon Zebra" for the big race!

I stood at the finish line waiting while cheering the girls on with my crazy yelling and TOTALLY embarrassing my almost 13 yr. old daughter, you know how this is, you were 13 once. I am entering the stage in life where I am NOT cool and always SOOO embarrassing, except for the day I went up to have lunch with her in my 5 inch stilettos heels and her friends told her that I looked like a rock star! I asked her “Now who’s embarrassing, huh?!?” 😉 I left the stilettos at home today and opted for my Vibram Fivefingers instead, totally different ends of the spectrum! A couple of thoughts occurred to me while watching all that was going on around me.

These boat races really made me think of the race of this journey.

Mekayla and her friends were paired up to work on the boat, it was their creation. They had to plan and think about things, work together as a team, and be totally committed to their boat. There worked tirelessly even on days that they really didn’t feel up to it. They knew that they needed to make sure that all areas of the cardboard were sealed up, if not, the water would seep in and they would sink in no time and were out of the game! Then they decorated it to be all their own. They were creative in the name of their boat and were sure that everybody there would not forget the “Neon Zebra”, THEY WOULD LEAVE THEIR MARK!

We are merely cardboard boxes brought together by our tool to support each other and build one another up and commit ourselves to working together for the common good….getting back to good health. I know that there are days that personally I don’t feel like following “the rules” of this afterlife, there are days that old habits try and creep in and I want to find comfort in trigger foods but then several tools remind me of “the rules” 1) my WLS tool, 2) my support system 3)the scale, and 4)my emotions and health…the very reason I had surgery in the first place.

Everyday is not easy and I have had some days where I don’t follow the rules…I’m being very honest in saying that…but I have to say that those are the days that I press into my support system. My Positive Support System is the Duct Tape to my boat, the more positive support I have the around me the less opportunity for failure, and drowning in shame, blame, guilt, and better yet negativity. This journey is so much easier traveled when positivity is at the forefront of your journey. Sure you are going to have sucky days, I do, but my life quote is this…“Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% the way you handle it.” I try to remember this on those sucky days, when life throws me curve balls, it’s up to me which way I PRECEIVE things. Think about your perception of life, is it doing you a favor or are you drowning in negativity? I chose to steer away from the later of the two.

I have been very happy with my choice to have surgery and the life I have lived for 2 ½ years following it. I have been afforded many amazing opportunities, made amazing life long friendships, and have huge potential in my future. I am here to decorate my life with endless possibilities and make this journey all my own, the sky is the limit to LEAVE MY MARK! There is only one way I am headed and that is UP, with my head held high and proud of my success. I encourage you to think about the same for yourself. We have so much to offer to ourselves and others.

I am so thankful for all the Duct Tape in my life that holds me together, holds me accountable, and keeps out the negative toxic stuff!

Duct Tape Flower for my Support that holds me together! ❤

Finish Well,



Am I Normal? Really? April 10, 2011

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Wow! I can’t believe I am about to officially be a mother to a 13 yr. old, Cheerleader and Volleyball player! My Baby Girl is growing up, I swear just the other day I was changing her diapers! So with all the sports that are headed our way next school year, we had to go to the Dr. the other day and get the physical done. NOT her favorite part but I *gently* reminded her (in the midst of the dramatic ramblings of a tween GIRL) that it had to be done if she wanted to cheer or play volleyball, it was up to her. She quickly digressed and in came the Dr.

Mekayla is tall and super slender for her age…all legs (just like me at the ripe ol age of 12) and is a bottomless pit when it comes to food. She can put. it. away. Looking back, I could too and had nothing to worry about! It scares me for her because she is my daughter and I don’t want a repeat of my life where she is Dr. Matin’s patient one day just like her Momma was. So I am trying to nip a “repeat” in the bud and really encourage alot of physical activity NOW. She is super excited about next year, so am I, I hope she has a blast with everything and I will feel good knowing that she is MOVING and staying active all the while growing up WAY to fast!!!!

Gave ya a little background now I am going to get to the meat of this post. They called us back and got all of her vitals and recorded them on that chart that says what percentile for her age she is in. She is in the 50% percentile for her weight (perfect) and 50-75% for her height, meaning she is taller than she is heavy. The Dr. looked at her and said “Mekayla, I know that your friends at school are all shapes and sizes, but I am here to tell you that you are exactly where you need to be. You are spot on normal on this chart here. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise.” (not that Mekayla has had that problem, she hasn’t, she was just reassuring her before it even happens. I hope it never does.) I know that this made Mekayla happy and me too as her Mom for getting such a good report on my Baby Girl. Then the Dr. said something that really jogged my mind, she went on to say…”You are built just like your Mother here, and since that is the case I don’t see you ever having a problem with your weight since it hasn’t been a problem for her.” Really?!?! This made me confused for a minute because she has no idea where I have come from or what my journey is, she has no idea of the struggles I face daily. I was not angry with her just confused and thought I needed to clarify her image of me right then and there. I felt like I needed to explain myself to her and “clear the air”, she obviously needed to be corrected in her assumption of me.

Then it hit me….No, she didn’t. She didn’t need to be corrected, she was clearly stating what she saw. All my life I have felt as if I had to explain myself, but really they were excuses most of the time. I didn’t need to “justify” her comment with the “truth” of what I have been through. The TRUTH is I had surgery to be normal, I am now, so that is JUSTIFICATION in, and of itself! I don’t need to tell everybody that I come in contact with that I have had surgery, trust me I have been known the tell the check out person at Target…true story. I was given a tool that has helped me, I have worked hard to get where I am at, my hard work and dedication to being healthy as a whole has paid off for me. It’s about time that I give myself some recognition too, not just my tool, having said that I will never forget or denounce what has helped me get here. It has been so hard to wrap my little brain around that word “normal” being associated with ME. At times I pinch myself, but I am so glad that I am finally coming to grips with the reality that I have tried so hard to NOT believe about myself.

To go a bit further, not only did I not say anything to the Dr. about her assumption of me. It felt good inside to know that I was normal from the outside, beautiful on the inside, and I held a nugget of information to my self that would have blown her out. of. the. water. It wasn’t about me and my journey for a moment. It was about all the hard work that got me to being normal again. It was about others seeing me as I want to be seen. When I had surgery, I just wanted to lose my weight, be healthy, and not be stared at in disgust when people looked at me. For once, I can say, I am there.

I don’t want this post to come off as shallow or sounding like what others think of me is what defines me because that can’t be farther from the truth. I know who I am, what I am, and who I am becoming. I don’t know where I am going on my journey but I am headed in the right direction, a good direction. The purpose of this post was to finally be able to say that I am comfortable and pleased with what others have to say about me AND with what I see in the mirror looking back at me. It feels good, real good.

Finish Well,



Doritos’….get behind Thee! March 25, 2011

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This post will be short and sweet. To the point. I have spent all day at the hospital with my Dad. He is a heart patient and has had a rough go since September but things are looking up for him, and me! 😉 As I sit in the Family Waiting room very anxiously awaiting news that Dad has sailed through another surgery I noticed how the vending machine is *perfectly* placed. It is right under the flat screen T.V. with Fox News on. They make sure that it is always in peripheral vision. Now, don’t get me wrong I do not have anything against vending machine but I know myself, they are a recipe for disaster. If you give me a good choice with mixed nuts etc., I cannot get over the fact that 2 rows up sits……D-O-R-I-T-O-S and with those there, I bluntly admit it, that the mixed nuts WILL stay *right* where they are and the little spiral will turn to let my Doritos drop down. Just sayin’, I know myself well. To make the taunting by the position of the vending machine worse, I was stressed. I eat or crave crunchy things when I am stressed.

This is were therapy and a good support system comes into play. I came so close to caving into the craving and getting a bag of chips. It did not matter that I had plenty of good choices in my bag, I was fixated on those Doritos and really had myself convinced that they would *do the trick*. Boy, was I ever wrong!! I immediately started using the tools I have learned from therapy. I started by realizing *what* made me feel like I need those chips…..STRESS from my Dad being in surgery. I realized that the stress was bringing on anxiety and that was causing me to want to self medicate the only I knew how to for most of my life. FOOD.

I sprung into motion, I knew I had to counter what was very well going to become a disaster. It was going to be a disaster to my emotions, after I ate them I would feel guilty. It was going to become a disaster to my pouch, they are empty void calories and make me feel sluggish and blahh. It was going to become a disaster because I was about to let the Doritos beast out of the cage that I had worked to hard to suppress all this time. There is NO way that could be possible or allowed. So while I was working through the emotions on my own I reached out to my WLS Peeps and did a status update on Facebook. Their responses were overwhelming me with support! I am so blessed by the WLS community and those close to me.

I’m proud to say that I did NOT give into that vending machine, instead I gave into the encouragement of my peers. The high I felt after that was incomparable to that sucky 30 second high from Doritos’! WHAT a liberating feeling it was!! I’m so proud of myself and the growth that is taking place within me. Thank goodness for good therapist, good friends, and good ‘ol positive self talk.

Dad came out of surgery well and is resting. I came out of a potentially hazardous situation on top and feeling great!! I was and still am IN CONTROL of this thang! 😉

Finish Well,



Meet Duke. March 20, 2011

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He is such a patient horse I tell ya!

This is Duke. My friend Rhonda is his Momma and he is such a pretty animal. The problem is I am very afraid of him. You are probably wondering why?

Well, when I was younger I was riding a female horse and a family friend was on a male horse. We rode way out into the pasture, the day was beautiful wind blowing through my hair, I felt like I was on top of the world! That is until is happened and happened so quickly. Much to my unknowing, my female horse was in heat and the male decided (WAY out in the pasture) that he wanted to “play”. She wanted NO part of that and so they started circling each other, well more so she was trying to get away from him. Jared told me to get off of the horse and I did exactly what he said because I knew and still know nothing about horses. I jumped off and got out-of-the-way before he even finished his sentence I think! I stood there as the huge animals started rearing up at each other and neying (I’m not sure if that really is a word. Haha!) really loud, I tell you that female wanted NO part of that male that was chasing her tail! They somehow got tied up in each others reigns so Jared was trying to get them undone and before you know it, the male kicked him right above his elbow shattering the bone. I am watching this in awe and don’t know what to do. I run (for an eternity) back to the house to get someone to help us leaving the horses to hash out whatever they had going on. Needless to say, that has scared me and although I will pet horses, I am very afraid of riding.

I just gave up on every getting on one again and resolved myself to the fact that it was not a good idea because the horse would sense my nervousness and that is a recipe for disaster. Not to mention I have no idea how to the use the reigns and tell the horse what I want him to do, leaving him to think….what is wrong with this idiot on my back?!?

Well like my last post mentioned, I working on my Bucket List as a part of my “finding myself”. I put riding a horse on it because I have realized I really have nothing to be afraid of riding a horse. I should be more afraid of my poor choices in what I chose to eat, think, and feel about myself. I should also not compare what happened when I was younger to what riding a horse would be like for me now. Just like we as WLS patients should not compare other people and their stories to our story or MAKE their story our story. So with knowing that I realized I had no excuse to not do this.

I called up Rhonda and said “I am ready to conquer this unrealistic fear, can I ride Duke?” “Of course you can, when do you want to go out to the stable?” I’m thinking Uhhhh, NEVER! No, that is not the way to think so we made plans to go out last weekend. She was nice in letting my children come out and ride Duke as well. I was so glad to have them with me because, as their mother, I knew I had to be strong for them. They also showed me what it was like to be fearless and I needed that more than anything in that moment. They groomed (I wasn’t too sure about it, so I just watched) Duke and got him already to put the saddle on. He is such a neat horse, he is what they call “mouthy”, when you stick your hand out flat he will rub his upper lip on your hand, so sweet! The kids loved it when he did that.

Rhonda and the kids grooming Duke and getting him ready to ride!


We walked out to the riding area and I had Mekayla go first so I could watch and learn from her. She jumped right up there and was having the time of her life. Mario was a little nervous just like me so he rode with Rhonda. Having two nervous people on the back of a horse is NOT a good idea!

Then it was my turn, my heart was racing as I put on the helmet, I kept telling myself, you CAN do this Emily! Get up there and DO IT!! I wanted to just give the helmet back to Mekayla and watch her ride, I would have been just fine sitting in the chair and playing with Sox (the farm cat, he was a lovable little guy too!) But then I had an ephipany….I wasn’t fine with being 270 pounds with a plethora of health issues so I did something about it. Why would I be fine with living in fear of riding this horse? So, there you have it, I got up on that horse. Hear still racing, breathing heavy, and with a death grip on the saddle—forget the reigns, I didn’t have time for those—He started to walk as Rhonda walked right beside him to guide him. He walked very slow and never got spooked. I soon realized that everything was ok in my world while I was ON THE BACK OF A HORSE! How could that be?!?! I would look down at his beautiful mane in awe of the fact that I was actually doing it!! It was quite emotional I must say. Rhonda was just as amazing as Duke, like Mother like Son, 😉 She kept talking to me and reassuring me that I was doing good and everything was fine. We walked around in a circle for a few minutes then I needed to get off and rest, I wore myself out from being so wound up! Mekayla got back on and trotted around some more as did Mario. Rhonda asked me if I wanted to go again, and I must say that the 2nd time was easier but (in the words of Rhonda) I cannot and am not claiming Everest over this fear after only the first ride. That is so true. I will say though, it has prompted me to THINK about MAYBE taking riding lessons which was never a thought that crossed my mind. This time last year I would have said “Yeah, right! You’re crazy!”

As you can see here, Rhonda is talking to me and trying to calm me down. She was amazing and so was Duke!

Duke and I being friends here. This was the second ride, I grabbed the reigns but only for a minute. 😉

This experience taught me some new and pretty cool stuff about myself. It taught me to really evaluate what I should be scared of and what I should not be scared of. It taught me get out of my comfort zone and try new things. It taught me be more trusting of myself and emotions. I need to trust that I have it in me to do and try new things. The most important thing of all that it taught me was to BELIEVE IN MYSELF!

This experience was brought on all because of my WLS. Two and half years ago, I had no idea who I was or what my purpose was, nor was I on a mission to find out either. My only mission in life was to find the next drive thru, gorge myself, and exist. I am truly learning what it means to LIVE and LOVE myself through the rest of my life here on earth. I urge you to do the same thing! It is rewarding, I am here to tell you there is WAY MORE power in this reward than the sucky VERY brief reward we get from food or other self sabotaging things we engage in. Life a journey NOT a destination, and I am proud to say that my Journey has begun and I can’t wait to see all that is ahead of me during my travels!

This experience was also brought on all because of my WLS due to the fact that I have gained a new friendship in Rhonda that other wise I would have never been blessed with. I trust her with everything, even my fears, You see what she did with this one, she helped me overcome it, and I honestly don’t think the outcome would have been as rewarding with anyone else guiding me! She gets me. She grounds me. She loves me and all my imperfections. She believes in me. She is there to be my #1 Cheerleader and she is also there when she knows she just needs to listen. She is one of my best friends with so many qualities I admire and adore. She sees the good in everyone when sometimes my mind is clouded by hurt. I am so humbled by her friendship and honored to call her my friend. Love ya Girl!! 😉 Thank you so much for this opportunity and I wouldn’t have wanted anybody else by my side!

Rhonda and Duke. The two beautiful souls that made a difference in my life that day! Love you both!!

I just wanted to leave this blog post with a good quote I found….

“Plant seeds of expectation in your mind; cultivate thoughts that anticipate achievement. Believe in yourself as being capable of overcoming all obstacles and weaknesses.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Until next time….

Finish Well,